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Sign Language

What is Sign Language

Sign language Interpretation is a way to visually facilitate communication between the speaker and the hearing impaired participants by interpreting the spoken language through hand signals, gestures, facial expressions and body language. Similar to any spoken language, Sign Language is not universal.


Each country has developed their own set of signs to interpret the spoken language, and TransLinguist Interactive allows you to choose from a variety of sign languages.

American Sign Language

British Sign Language

International Sign

Benefits of Sign Language

In addition to facilitating communication amongst the hearing impaired audience, providing sign language
interpretations is packed with multiple other benefits vital for business growth.

Diversity & Inclusion

Sign Language is a crucial factor required to express oneself and connect with participants across all aspects of economic, social, cultural and political verticals.


Introduction of Sign Language has become an essential part of education in order to support the rights of people with disabilities and establishes a foundation for sustainable and transformative change on disability inclusion.

Enriches Relationships

By facilitating communication to the hearing impaired and ensuring a more active and accurate understanding, you will be able to develop the element of trust and empathy with your audience, making the participants feel more valued by assisting them with visual interpretations as opposed to only a speech-to-text alternative.

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