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Robust Remote Multilingual Events Solution

TransLinguist Interactive is a cloud-based remote interpreting platform that connects speakers, viewers and participants with our certified pool of interpreters through live Audio / Video feeds.

Now, the interpretation process is that simple!




Remote Simultaneous Interpretation
Video Remote Interpretation
AI Tools
Sign Language
Hybrid Solutions

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Run multilingual events on a global scale through our robust RSI call interface which streamlines the interpretation process in real time, anytime, anywhere – in any language!

Video Remote Interpretation

VRI uses distinctive video conferencing technology to provide consecutive interpretations remotely. Break language barriers through virtual assistance of our certified interpreters.

AI Powered Tools

Make your remote event instantly accessible to participants globally in real time and facilitate additional support to hearing-impaired participants.

Sign Language Interpretation

Our cloud-based technology offers a convenient interpretation platform for the hearing-impaired participants, ensuring diversity and inclusion.


Hybrid Solutions

TransLinguist Interactive expands the way in which meetings can be held by introducing a hybrid method of onsite and remote interpretations. Businesses across the globe have realized the importance of investing in forward-thinking solutions that complement both the current and future workflow of running events.

Automated Data-Driven Interpreting Solution

Digital adaptation has taken a quantum leap at both organizational and industry levels. Whether you have a remote meeting, an on-site event or a combination of both, TransLinguist Interactive allows you to pick the conference interpretation type that best fits your business needs.

Key Features

Enjoy a stretch of productivity tools with TransLinguist Interactive.


AI Closed Captions & Subtitles

In-Session Chat

Language Selector

‘Slow Down’ Indication

Audio Fallback

Onsite Interpreter Scheduling

Data Security

Data privacy and confidentiality are key paradigms in ensuring high quality and secure services.
TransLinguist Interactive ensures all data protection measures are set in place for you to securely conduct your multilingual events through our interpreting tool.

TransLinguist ensures strict end-to-end data encryption to protect your personal and sensitive information from unauthorized users. All the information traveling between you and TransLinguist Interactive goes through the advanced security encryption procedures set in place by Amazon Web Services (AWS) which hosts and support our tool.

TransLinguist Interactive understands and adheres to the standard GDPR guidelines by storing the client’s data in the European data centers, ensuring that we are ready to assist you with privacy notices and data protection agreements.

Taking a deeper dive in data encryption, TransLinguist Interactive provides a marketplace for you to connect with our certified pool of interpreters who are bound by strict Non-Disclosure Agreements. The streamlined interpretation process ensures that all information shared by you is strictly accessible by the
assigned resources to you request.

TransLinguist Interactive takes extra measures to ensure cyber security measures are set in place for disaster recovery by implementing different technological measures to protect TransLinguist Interactive from cybercriminals. These measures range from 24/7 network support, back up data centers, audit logs and vulnerability scans


TransLinguist Interactive enables streamlined appointment scheduling and automated connectivity with our certified interpretation through broadcasting.

Simply populate the details of your appointment and immediately get connected to professionals from our marketplace who are experienced with subject matter expertise.

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