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Live Captions & Subtitles

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has facilitated the processing of large amount of data efficiently with the development of neural networks. TransLinguist Interactive is a unique AI driven remote communications tool and a one-stop solution to overcome language barriers by providing automated closed captioning and automated subtitles as an added feature to assist real-time remote interpretations.

Automated Closed Captioning

Reach a full audience with our AI – driven live captioning feature in any language. TransLinguist’s automated closed captioning allows you to make your remote or hybrid event instantly accessible to participants globally in real time and facilitate additional support to hard of hearing participants.

Automated Subtitles

We offer in-session multi-language real time subtitles which are enabled through powerful AI driven technologies which allows you to present your session is one language, but make it accessible to participants in multiple languages.

How does it work?

Artificial Intelligence utilize the method of converting speech-to-text to accommodate automated closed captioning and subtitles. There are multiple key aspects of this process, particularly Automated Speech Recognition (ASR).


AI Vocabulary

As part of the speech recognition process, AI recognizes the speech against a set on in-built vocabularies and transcribes the audio.

Language Identification

Our technology detects the language selection and translate the transcripts of the audio feed for live subtitling by utilizing the list of words associated with each language.

Speech Recognition

To initiate the process, the ASR feature must first receive the audio feeds. From here, the AI element works on matching the speech to a machine readable format.

Audio Recognition

Aside from recognizing speech, our AI driven technology is robust enough to separate speech from sounds to produce an accurate transcript.

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