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Video Remote Interpretation

What is VRI?

VRI uses a distinctive video conferencing technology to provide consecutive interpretations remotely in a specified language pair.

This type of interpretation allows users from anywhere in the world to communicate with a global audience and eliminate language barriers through virtual assistance of our certified interpreters.

Advantages & Benefits

TransLinguist Interactive offers the most advanced interpretation delivery platform for Video Remote Interpretations with a large set of features and advantages for a seamless and efficient interpretation experience.

Exceptional Quality

We deliver control over our audio and video routing technology, allowing you to easily track and manage call quality metrics and performance.

Ultra High Speed Experience

Our communications infrastructure delivers consistency in terms of high speed, definitions, adaptability and connectivity with our interpreters.

Cultivated Scheduling System

Our sophisticated scheduling system is linked to a robust financial tracking and management system that enables invoicing and billing support after each event.

Automated Workflows

We provide a detailed business analysis with automated scheduling that ensures effective resource management and boosts operational productivity and consistency.

How VRI Works


As the speaker completes part of the speech in the source language, TransLinguist Interactive live streams their voice and image to our professional remote interpreters.


Our native and certified interpreters utilize a remote studio to translate the speech from source to target language while maintaining the essence and Subject Matter Expertise.


The interpreter’s target speech is transmitted through our cloud-based remote interpreting and web conferencing platform directly to the remote participants.


Participants can connect to our platform and join the session by using the unique Meeting ID and user link, and listen to the online conference in either target or source language.

VRI as a Business Solution

It might not always be possible to arrange for an in-person interpreter for a live meeting, consultation or conference, especially on a short notice. VRI serves many industry sectors that involves frequent interaction with multilingual partners.

International Organizations

Although there are some pre-existing web conferencing tools that provide adequate foreign language support, TransLinguist Interactive ensures a solution for cultural and language barriers. Our VRI services enables International Organisation to efficiently communicate with a global audience and global partners by utilizing our skilled and expert interpreters as liaisons to facilitate.

Legal Services

Court hearings and trials by nature are a lengthy process that are sometimes further postponed due to the non-availability of court interpreters. In such cases, utilizing technological advances such as VRI as the next best alternative are key to stay on schedule and achieve high quality and accurate interpretations that are court certified.


Medical interpretations require the interpreters to possess specific certifications and a unique skills-set and certifications to accurately localize the spoken content. VRI facilitates doctor-patient communication, especially during consultations and emergency rooms to identify symptoms and explain the treatment procedure to the patients.


Immigrants and refugees entering a new country are often challenged with communication barriers due to lack of understanding of foreign languages. Local embassies face a recurring issue in overcoming such situations and require immediate language support. TransLinguist Interactive supports on-demand VRI services to eliminate such constraints.

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