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About TransLinguist

We are an ambitious, innovative and technologically driven provider ensuring trusted services.

Our Vision

Passion for language and a commitment to excellence, we envision a world where communication knows no boundaries. Through our innovative services and cutting-edge technology, we aim to bridge the gap between cultures, enabling seamless understanding and collaboration on a global scale.

Our Mission

We strive to be the leading provider of language solutions, empowering individuals and businesses to communicate effectively in diverse linguistic landscapes.

Our Values

Who We Are?

TransLinguist is a technologically forward global provider that offers a unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for remote multilingual communication. In addition to providing traditional language localisation services, TransLinguist breaks communication barriers for global businesses, educational institutions, government entities and international organizations, allowing them to effectively communicate with a global audience through our robust remote interpretation platform

TransLinguist offers latest technologies within language solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, catering to both verbal and written forms of language localisation services. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate a better client experience through Computer Assisted Translations (CAT) Tools and SaaS based products which streamlines the end to end workflow and project management of both written and verbal localisation services. Our technology enabled business process approach can drastically improve quality, brand voice and consistency, assisting in both cost and time savings.

Why is TransLinguist the Best Solution?

Regional Presence

We have been active in the Language Services Industry for a number of years, and our regional footprint includes offices across the EU, GCC, APAC and Americas

Local Knowledge

We deliver localisation services across a multitude of areas from Marketing, IT, Finance, Engineering and Legal. The team is uniquely adaptable to a varied business environment

Automated Broadcasting

We are uniquely positioned to understand the challenges faced by large-scale enterprises globally by delivering timely projects with industry specific knowledge and expertise.

Technologically Driven

We utilize the latest technology to facilitate a better client experience by automating the localisation workflow and assisting a marketplace of certified resources.

Right Team for You

We are presenting you a dedicated team of seasoned expert - Native Linguists, Account Managers and Production Managers who are based in your time zone.

Leading Global Provider

We have experts in 75+ languages who have served over 1000+ clients globally with a dedicated team of competent, qualified, certified and skilled resources for your projects.

Cost Effectiveness

TransLinguist offers a robust SaaS based solution for remote interpretation which allows our clients to save cost of onsite setup, equipment, technical assistance and transport

Diverse Marketplace

We offer a diverse marketplace of 30,000 certified interpretations as part of our SaaS based solution, allowing instant connectivity with the right talent.

Unified Platform

Whether it’s RSI, VRI or sign language, TransLinguist covers all forms of interpretation services conveniently under one platform, in addition to a stretch of core productivity tools .

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