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Our Commitment to Quality

At TransLinguist, we are committed to delivering exceptional language services that prioritize quality above all else. Our approach is guided by the principles of Six Sigma, specifically Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

How We Ensure Top-Tier Quality at TransLinguist

Comprehensive Quality Control Plan

Our quality control plan is rooted in Six Sigma principles. It encompasses a range of procedures designed to achieve the highest standards of accuracy and excellence in language services.

Accurate Reporting

We emphasize accurate reporting both internally within our Production team and externally to our valued clients. Transparent and precise reporting is a cornerstone of our commitment to quality.

Quality Assurance Inspection

Before project delivery, our dedicated PQA (Project Quality Assurance) team conducts a rigorous inspection to ensure that localized content meets our stringent quality assurance checklist standards.

Quality Assurance Review Process

Our Quality Assurance Review Process includes a detailed analysis of Customer Satisfaction Analysis of CAR (Corrective Action Response), Internal Quality Assurance, Recommendations for Improvements, Log of Status Deliverables, and Amendment History.

Internal Quality Scoring Process

Each project undergoes an internal Quality Scoring Process, where we assess the severity of any issues. This process provides us with valuable insights for continuous improvement and consistent excellence

Quality Assurance and Corrective Action Response

At TransLinguist, we place a strong emphasis on continuous improvement. Regular audits and evaluations of our linguists ensure consistent delivery of top-tier services. Our Quality Assurance Analyst leads data-driven enhancements, meticulously analyzing project data to identify trends and areas for improvement.


We employ in-house QA automation for consistency, automating processes like spell-checks and error categorization. Our quality assurance protocol systematically addresses issues, from typos to glossary mismatches. In case of discrepancies, our governance model and CAR reports maintain delivery standards.

Our quality assurance protocol assures that the following issues are avoided on all project deliverables.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does TransLinguist ensure accuracy in translations?

Our comprehensive quality control plan, Six Sigma principles, and dedicated PQA team ensure accuracy throughout the translation process.

CAR process addresses discrepancies, prevents recurrence, and ensures effective communication to maintain consistent quality.

We measure client satisfaction through feedback collection, quarterly reviews, and analyzing performance against established KPIs.

In-house QA automation ensures consistent spell-checks, error categorization, and severity assessment for impeccable quality.

Nonconformities are addressed through our Corrective Action Response process, which includes thorough investigation, implementation of corrective actions, and continuous improvement.

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