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CAT Features & Integrations

CAT Features

Optimize your Translation Experience with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Terminology Integration

We have the ability to increase localisation accuracy by utilizing industry-specific terms correctly and consistently with the ability to create terms manually and automatically by utilizing glossaries and style-guides intelligently.

Full Document Translation

Translations of an entire document can be completed with a click of a button. Source files are uploaded on to the CAT tool for a seamless localisation process where AI / ML tools are incorporated to the translations effectively.

Translation Memory

Our CAT tool stores previously translated – client approved translations in a database which is particular to each source and target language. TM re-uses translations by suggesting stored matches when similar strings are repeated.

Linguistic Assets

Linguistic assets like Translation Memory, Exact and Fuzzy Matches, Style Guides and Glossary of Words ensure high quality and consistent translations with a faster turnaround time across each localisation request.

Non – Translatable Content

Our linguists conveniently utilize the “Non-Translate” feature to mark the content which does not require any translations. This feature recognizes numbers, email addresses and codes along with other generic information.

Quality Assurance

Our professionals are equipped with AI tools to control and fine tune the quality of all translations, with a scoring matrix. All translations are checked for errors regarding style format, spelling and alignment with Translation Memory.

Neural Machine Translations

Utilising Neural Machine Translations, when requested produces more fluent, humanlike translations, substantially boosting the level of quality and accuracy by handling elements like tags, morphology, syntax and word arrangements.

Cloud / On – Premise Hosting

Our CAT tool is hosted on a secure cloud server, and can be integrated with the client’s CMS and infrastructure, if required. We offer a turnkey solution that acts as a mediator and does not require any additional IT support.


Accelerate the Deployment of your Multilingual Content


GitHub connector allows the downloading of source files and uploading or target files directly to and from the GitHub repository.

Salesforce Service Cloud​

This connector allows the utilization of existing translation request functionality within Salesforce and streamlines authoring and publishing multilingual content.


Zendesk connector helps to publish articles in multiple languages without the translation management efforts, improving quality and ensuring cost effectiveness.


Wordpress connector streamlines the website translation process and enables a faster brand growth with automation of the translation workflow.


This connector detects files attached to JIRA issues. Files that are sent for translations through our CAT tool are automatically returned to the same JIRA issue post.


Localise your single-language figma file into multiple languages and efficiently switch between languages directly from the plugin.


This connector enables you to directly localize all the e-commerce / business information powered by Magento efficiently.


Drupal Translation Management Tool automates sending content and delivering translations between the client’s website and TransLinguist.

Zapier Powered Integrations

Machine Translation Engines

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