Host your meetings, corporate training sessions, and international events effortlessly across various languages. Experience TransLinguist Speech AI on a demo.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

What is RSI?

RSI utilizes live video and audio feeds to provide real-time multi-language support for multilingual events. This feature allows interpreters, participants and speakers to connect to a specific event in the language of their preference under a remote setting via a virtual interpretations and web-conferencing technology. 

Expand your Global Reach

TransLinguist Interactive utilizes the power of Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence to offer top-of-the-class simultaneous interpretations remotely.

Web Conferencing

With our cloud-based interpreting technology for web meetings and video conferencing, you can stream real time interpretations in any language to a small or large scale audience efficiently. Users can engage with one another via in-session chat feature, upload documentations or take over the floor.

One-Off Meetings

TransLinguist Interactive allows one-off multilingual meetings or interviews as part of our heavy-duty interpreting solution for businesses to live stream various language and niche audience response features into their remote meetings. Participants can join the meeting remotely with a unique.

Advantages & Benefits

With our unique solution, scaling is no longer a concern. No matter the location or size of your event, TransLinguist Interactive enables you to connect with our interpreters anytime, anywhere.

For Participants

For Speakers

Hassle Free

Avoid getting familiar with complicated technical equipment for interpretations with our easy-to-use interpreting technology to reach a focused multilingual audience.

High Quality

With our crisp audio/video streaming system, engage with your audience effectively with regular session monitoring by our expert remote technicians.


Be a step ahead of your competitors and engage your audience in a more streamlined workflow to stand out from the crowd and reach a global audience more efficiently.

For Interpreters


With TransLinguist Interactive, Interpreters can work remotely from anywhere in the world and handover the call to their booth mate seamlessly.


Cater to all common and unique language pairs by utilizing the relay feature to configure their incoming channel to another language.


Omit travel and other expenses by remotely dialing in to the interpreter request while utilizing the saved time to take other requests.

Value-Added Use Cases of RSI

RSI opens the door for unlimited opportunities for your events. With TransLinguist Interactive’s remote interpreting and web conferencing technology, multilingual events can now be interpreted seamlessly into your language in real time.

Government / NGOs

TransLinguist Interactive ensures high compliance to domestic and international security standards and confidentiality, making it feasible for Government entities and NGOs to conduct their global conferences virtually with strict end-to-end data encryption.


With our multilingual language selector, all speakers can easily interact with one another in the language of their choice, participate in live session chat through general or direct messages or even share their screen for presentations.


With a shift towards digitalization and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual tutoring has become the new norm. TransLinguist Interactive provide multi-language support to teachers and students who can live stream the online session in the language of the preference for ease of understanding.


This allows teachers and students from across the globe to connect under one secure and remote setting and boost the efficiency of virtual tutoring.

Events and Expos

The current shift in market is all about replicating the essence of a live event under a remote setting and TransLinguist Interactive provides just the right solution to achieve that. You can now host your events and expos virtually without having to worry about any language and cultural barriers.


Our diverse marketplace of certified interpreters ensures accuracy to meet the local preferences in terms of terminologies and context, in line with your target market without incurring the set up and transport costs of a live event.

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