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TransLinguist is considered as the preferred language services provider for federal, state, and local agencies, as well as private government contractors. Our breadth of resources allows us to handle high-volume and complex requirements faster than most competitors, whilst also maintaining the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

The sentence “Ich bin ein Berliner!” became famous worldwide for its historical and political implications. But what John F. Kennedy said in 1963 was literally “I am a jam doughnut!” Unfortunately, history has brought us less comic consequences caused by ineffective multicultural Interpretation. We at TransLinguist understand the utmost importance languages play in multicultural diplomacy and international affairs, so we rely on professionals with specialised knowledge of institutions such as the UN, NATO, European Commission, IMF, World Bank and G7.

Our sworn translators and interpreters work closely with our Customers to ensure they have understood the company’s specific nomenclature in order to arrange an accurate, speedy and tailored delivery.

Whether your game is played on a screen with fingers and thumbs, or on a board with a pair of dice, our translations and localisation experts will help capture and engage new audiences.

The popularity of games has spread the world-over, particularly thanks to the popularity of gaming on handheld devices, and the opening of online betting into new markets.

Coherence and an acknowledgement of cultural adaptations and sensitivities are vital in gaining a competitive edge within the industry. It is therefore important to localise particular symbols, visuals and references. At TransLinguist, our highly-qualified linguists will help you identify areas that require localising and which relevant string may need to be tinkered to adapt to new languages.

From the in-game text and conversations, to instruction manuals and marketing messages, we’ll make sure that no degree of quality in your game is lost.

Marketing is an essential task for any company, but what if your business operates in international markets? Perhaps you regularly post social media content but you want to reach your overseas customers, or maybe you would like to launch a global email marketing campaign targeting multiple languages and countries?

We offer a variety of social media and email marketing translation services for established international businesses or those looking to branch out and reach a worldwide market.

Businesses are increasingly turning to online marketing and social media platforms to increase sales. Customers can now access information about your business, research your company and make informed decisions before they commit to a purchase. What’s more, social media is becoming increasingly popular for customers to provide feedback and share their experience. Receiving a service request from a customer who speaks a different language can cause problems. With a translation service you can make sure that all queries or concerns are fully addressed and acted on in any language.

The unique demand associated with working in the energy sector requires our linguists to be equipped with cutting edge knowledge of all the technical references and jargon that form part and parcel of communicating in this complex area. TransLinguist offers comprehensive multilingual communication solutions to support energy and utility industries, including mining, oil and gas, and renewable energy corporations.

With extensive experience in supporting these important and highly regulated sectors, TransLinguist has an unparalleled understanding of the risks, challenges, and opportunities in play. Technical and linguistic accuracy of communications materials can have broad implications across a number of areas, including worker training and safety, regulatory approvals, business revenue and a range of technical specialisations, including geology, subsea technology, mechanical / chemical engineering, and scientific patents.

The aviation industry is one of the most heavily regulated in the world. From flight safety and avionic engineering, to airport security and flight data analysis, the global nature of the aviation sector means that translation and international communication is common.

The industry terminology is often very specific and niche and therefore all linguists employed by TransLinguist who specialise in the aviation industry come from a scientific background with direct experience in the field or other engineering competences.

Technical content translation demands the highest quality and precision. We understand industry jargon and workflow requirements. Your supply chain, production staff, and subcontractor teams have to be able to access your data, reports and manuals in a number of languages.

As a specialist language services partner to these highly specialised industries, we work with a number of associated supply chain stakeholders such as engineering, robotics and raw material providers to understand the niche required to provide linguist services.

Our linguists have a thorough understanding of the very specific terminology of sectors and can quickly assimilate to any new technical context and terminology.

Retailers, whether specialists in fashion or food and beverage, all face the same predicament: the size and demographic of the retail consumer base is changing. Whilst online shopping, known as e-commerce, continues to see an exponential rise in shoppers traditional high street brands are also looking to set up shop in new emerging markets.

Effective communications generate trust in brands. Retailers therefore, are expected to speak in the prospective client’s language. Our global networks of highly-qualified linguists have a specific knowledge of the retail industry and are well-versed in how to effectively communicate marketing materials in the Customers required native language. Whatever your translation need, whether it is a series of brochures and catalogues, or even a full website localisation and translation, our team is at hand and ready to work with you.

By translating and localising your ecommerce site and other online assets, we can help you expand and grow in new markets. We foster long-term partnerships with you by providing ongoing translation of dynamic web content and full ongoing language support for online marketing strategies.

Time-to-market for ecommerce websites is vital. Our 24-hour service capabilities and our extensive linguistic pool ensure our collaborative translation technologies are fully utilised, allowing multiple linguists to work on the same project simultaneously. If you are selling products online in multiple markets, you need localisation of your go-to-market strategy. We will work with you to understand your products and your audience to deliver translated content from your website to your online advertising. During this process, we’ll create a glossary for your business that will save you time and money for ongoing translation and reduce the time to launch new products and campaigns.

Our translators are trained to adapt to local market requirements and can also advise on how to effectively manage your brand communications, including localisation and transcreation of content.

With so many travelers researching and booking online, is your organisation taking the right steps to make sure that you stand out from your competition?

Our travel and tourism Customers all rely on TransLinguist to translate, localise and create their brand messages across any number of languages and media.

To do this, we work with your branding guidelines to create a bespoke glossary for you that is carefully translated and adapted to your target language/ s. We understand the subtleties of persuasive communications in hospitality and can transcreate your guest communications into compelling and relevant content.

Our linguists are expert translators and trained in marketing copywriting, website optimisation and promotional campaigns. We can even localise your online audio and video for any market and culture, including the perfect dialect, tone of voice and pitch.

Leisure and Tourism Translations can become especially challenging, as they imply cultural, historical and idiomatic issues, meaning that only an experienced native translator can ensure a worry-free launch of your content in the target country. There are various local names, historical sensibilities and cultural aspects that have to be taken into serious account for a positive reaction from your audience.

Our desktop publishing service adds value to your printed and displayed brand communications by ensuring that the right typography, punctuation and phrasing is used at all times.

Medical, clinical, pharmaceutical. The vocabulary of the entire healthcare sector is almost a language in itself. This is why you need a translation and interpreting partner that understands how to translate your complex content and conversations into the target language.

With a dedicated team for the healthcare sector, TransLinguist delivers a high volume of spoken and written language services. From packaging inserts and labeling in pharmaceuticals to patient care, we can manage large volumes of documents and reports for pharmaceutical Customers and provide the most sensitive service to patient care translation and interpreting.

If you need complex clinical reports translated or an urgent interpreter for a patient, we are able to provide you with linguists who have graduated with a medical or science degree. Combined with their training and experience of the sector they adapt your content to local market regulations, cultures and social considerations.

The assurance of absolute confidentiality and stringent quality control procedures make us a trusted partner for all healthcare translations. Our experience includes biotechnology, diagnostic equipment, medical devices, communications and medical and clinical hospital translation.

Our interpreters have a minimum of 50 hours medical interpreting experience before working for TransLinguist and we provide consecutive, simultaneous, online, telephone and sign language interpreting. This breadth of experience and expertise ensures that you receive accurate, timely and dependable language services and compliance, confidentiality and care in every project.

For the translation and adaptation of documents, we use specially collated glossaries and terms of reference that ensures you receive consistent and accurate translation in any language. This is combined with a bespoke ‘translation memory’ which ensures that common phrases and descriptions are safeguarded for future projects, providing you with continuity and efficiency.


TransLinguist specialises in providing accurate legal translations using only legal professionals as well as legal translators and proofreaders with professional qualifications in legal translations and related fields.

Take advantage of our extensive experience in the translation of legal documents of all kinds. Our blend of experienced, skilled language professionals, industry experts, and project managers makes TransLinguist the ideal partner for even the most complex and specialist legal translation needs.

Our commitment to legal translation defines everything we do. Our linguist recruitment and testing; our proprietary project-management technology; our quality-assurance protocols and translation workflow process – everything at TransLinguist has been customized with the needs of legal professionals in mind. Our service model has been designed to accommodate any last-minute and high-volume requests typical of litigations, arbitrations, and investigations.

We work with expert legal translators in all time zones, and have global production facilities performing essential quality assurance – editing, proofreading, glossary and translation memory (TM) alignment – around the clock. This allows us to begin working on your submission as soon as we receive it, and to assign your translations to the best possible resource.

Many of our legal translators are experienced legal practitioners in their jurisdiction. This means they can understand and interpret ‘legalese’. But critically, they can also contextualize translations within the legal principles and concepts of the target language. What’s more we have translators who are specialists in areas such as commercial/contract law, corporate finance, criminal law, IP, international trade and litigation.

It means we’re adept at cases involving international commercial litigation, contractual disputes, banking litigation, multi-jurisdictional dispute resolution and international fraud cases.

We use a ‘translation memory’ productivity tool for all our projects, enabling us to store previously translated terms and use them again if we find a match within the new document. It means you’ll never pay for the same content twice, even if it appears in a different project. It speeds up the translation process, ensures consistency and reduces your costs.

TransLinguist specialises in providing financial translations for a wide range of well-known financial institutions and corporates. Financial translation is a very specialised area, and we are one of the leading experts in this field.

We have wide-ranging experience across the whole financial services spectrum, from banking, I-banking and insurance to asset management. Our blend of experienced, skilled language professionals, industry experts, and project managers make TransLinguist ideal for even your most complex and specialist financial translation needs.

Our financial translation team is made up of professional linguists with expertise in M&A, equity, debt and all aspects of financial dealings with core experience in assessing professional jargon & complex concepts within this sector. Documents within the scope of financial translation are often intended for distribution and publication – we offer a full independent proofreading service which ensures that the copy produced in the target language reads as fluently and concisely as the original text. This service, which can be included in the financial translation package, is ideal for IPOs, prospectuses, and presentations.

We tailor our translations in accordance to client requirements; compile glossaries and style guides to ensure that all translators and proofreaders incorporate our Customers’ preferred styles. With a deep understanding of the importance of quality translation in finance, we have the skills and global capability to manage your time-critical, specialised content.

Our financial sector services go beyond financial document translation. We also provide an interpreting service for business meetings, investor road shows, and report presentations. Our desktop publishing will ensure that your presentations and translated documents look polished and professional, in any language.

Our linguists come with a strong technical competence in all matters of finance and banking and are fluent in the legal frameworks, compliance standards, and specialist terminology of your sector. Finance is a highly diverse and dynamic industry so we invest heavily in the training and development of our finance translators to ensure they stay up-to-date with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), product innovation and regulations within the industry.

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