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As a business, our success depends based on the success
of our people therefore we offer an environment that able
all our staff to perform at their best.


Our company culture is as such where we celebrate no matter how big or small the achievement is to value our staff and further motivate them.

Why Join Our Diverse Linguistic Pool?

Flexible Working Hours

Linguists can set their own schedules from the comfort of their work environment ensuring the projects deadlines are met.

Exciting Projects

Linguists have the opportunity to work on an extensive range of projects across various industries into several language.

Automated Broadcasting

Our remote interpretations tool will automatically notify you of all the new requests in line with your area of expertise.

Technology Advancements

Cloud-based remote interpreting technology with AI powered features along with a full-fledged TMS system to ensure efficiency.

Competitive Earning

We ensure that our linguists are content by providing preferential rates and ensuring payments are made on time.

Non Disclosures

We sign NDA’s with all our Linguists to create a confidential relationship between the involved parties on our secure servicers.

Interpreter Training Programme

In addition to training manuals and user guides, TransLinguist has initiated an Interpreter Training Programme for all our onboarded interpreters in TransLinguist Interactive. This programme ensures that our interpreters have the best user experience when using our SaaS – based remote interpretations platform.


The purpose of this programme is to ensure our interpreters are well versed in each functionality of the product to ensure exceptional interpretation experience
for our clients.

Interpreter Training Process


Virtual Training​


We have established a wide pool of native speaking
and certified linguists

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