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What is MTPE?

Machine Translation + Post-Editing (MTPE) brings together the efficiency and capability of Machine Translation Engines for effectively localizing extensive text volumes, along with the proficiency and expertise of certified professional resources.

The MTPE Advantage

Precision Perfected Through Human Touch

We understand that while machines excel in processing vast amounts of information, they may fall short in capturing the nuances and context of languages. That’s where our MTPE service shines. Our skilled linguists intervene, refining and perfecting the translation output generated by the Machine Translation Engines. This collaborative effort ensures that your content retains its intended meaning, tone, and cultural nuances, effectively resonating with your target audience.

Harnessing AI for Optimal Quality

TransLinguist employs cutting-edge technology, including Machine Translation Quality Estimation (MTQE), a powerful Artificial Intelligence tool. MTQE assigns quality scores to Machine Translations, enabling our editors to pinpoint areas that require improvement. By identifying and prioritizing core segments before the final proofreading stage, we ensure an efficient editing process that maximizes accuracy and consistency.

Seamless Workflow Integration

We recognize the importance of a streamlined workflow. With TransLinguist’s MTPE service, the process is seamlessly integrated into your existing localization pipeline. Our expertise in handling a wide array of file formats and content management systems ensures that you experience a hassle-free, end-to-end localization journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does MTPE outperform raw Machine Translation?

While raw Machine Translation can be quick, it often lacks the depth and cultural understanding that humans bring. MTPE combines machine speed with human finesse, resulting in accurate, contextually appropriate translations.

TransLinguist’s MTPE isn’t just about editing; it’s about refining content through the lens of language experts. Our integration of AI-driven quality assessment and human skill ensures top-notch translations that mirror your intentions.

Consistency is a cornerstone of our MTPE approach. Our seasoned linguists meticulously align each translation with your brand voice and message, ensuring a cohesive and unified experience across languages.

Absolutely. Whether it’s legal documents, marketing collateral, technical manuals, or any other content type, TransLinguist’s MTPE adapts to your specific needs, ensuring accurate and impactful translations every time.

Integrating our services is seamless. Reach out to us with your content, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our experts will work with you to understand your requirements and deliver translations that exceed your expectations.

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