Host your meetings, corporate training sessions, and international events effortlessly across various languages. Experience TransLinguist Speech AI on a demo.

Pricing Solutions

TransLinguist offers pricing plans that are tailored to your specific requirements, catering to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for on-site, hybrid, or remote services, we have flexible options available.

Tailored Interpreting Solutions for You

Whether it’s a special event or regular multilingual meetings, TransLinguist offers personalized solutions. Our technology fees consider language count, event duration, and user count; interpreter fees are based on session time. We also provide comprehensive professional services, including support, setup, monitoring, and recording.

Budget-Friendly Language Services

Experience seamless communication and flawless global outreach with TransLinguist’s diverse services at unbeatable prices. From precise translations to meticulous editing and proofreading, captivating subtitles, and engaging voice-overs, our competitive pricing ensures cost-effective solutions for all your language needs. Trust us to transform your content into a linguistic masterpiece, breaking barriers without breaking the bank. Welcome to affordability without compromise.

Achieve Up to 80% Reduction in Interpreting Costs

Eliminate Interpreter Travel and Bulky Hardware

Experience the power of remote interpreting with TransLinguist. Reduce your costs not only financially but also environmentally. Our approach simplifies setup, delivery, and interpretation services while significantly reducing expenses.

No Obligation for Annual Subscriptions

Choose flexibility with TransLinguist. We offer usage-based, hourly pricing plans that allow you to pay only for what you need, without the commitment of an annual subscription.

Why TransLinguist for your next conference or event

Tailored to your audience with TransLinguist. Our platform seamlessly accommodates a broad range of events

Ready to Redefine Your Meetings?

Get Started with TransLinguist Interactive. Experience communication without boundaries and elevate your meetings today.

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