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Translation Services

Translations, Editing & Proofreading (TEP) is a rigorous process which guides the translation of text from the source language to target languages, while striving to preserve the richness in choice of words and protect the meaning conveyed with the original language.

Business Translations

TransLinguist is proud to offer a comprehensive, all-in-one service, incorporating all business related translations.

TransLinguist is a trusted global communications partner that amplifies your brand’s voice in over 120+ languages to help broaden your horizons. At TransLinguist, we provide specialized business translation services across a range of sectors, including legal, financial and media industries. We cater to any challenge irrespective of complexity to ensure high quality deliverables in over 120+ languages.

E-Learning Translations

Our eLearning language services transform your Lectora and Storyline courses into multilingual tools for everyone who needs access to your material.

We have built our own specialised protocol for localising eLearning content. This starts with translation, making your entire course fluent in both the language and culture of your target audience. We use this protocol to translate and localise any digital or printed documentation, plus any associated material, using the industry standard software of your choice

Healthcare Translations

Each state and health plan has a different healthcare requirement, therefore making it necessary to localize it. Healthcare translations are amongst the very complex one’s thus we ensure a capable and dedicated team performs it with full commitment and quality. We guarantee to provide standard quality while maintaining the sensitivity of the material of the healthcare industry, whether it is client reports or packaging inserts of medicines to name a few.

Our linguists are specialists in the industry and they go through a tough TransLinguist training to be able to deliver services of supreme quality in the industry.

Marketing Translations

It’s widely understood that marketing isn’t merely about conveying a message but it’s also about persuading your target audience. Consequently, to ensure your marketing is effective, it is key to localize marketing techniques as various regions react differently. What works in one region, simply doesn’t work in others.

That’s where we come in play, to ensure your brand message not only appeals to the local market but it has a global appeal as well, therefore enhancing your global presence. To cater to your marketing translation requirements, we carry out in-depth research of the various cultural preferences of your target clients in the various regions to ensure cultural sensitivity is intact which results in positive response rates.

Mobile Application Translations

As the world become more digital and tech savvy, mobile applications have gained popularity and many businesses from various industries are now developing their mobile applications to provide easier connectivity to their clients. Mobile Application Translations are very complex but our technical team have vast experience and expertise in the field which allows us to cater to any requirements.

We assess all the app specifications for you to ensure that the features and functions geared are ready for localisation in the addressed language pairs for the various cultures. We provide localisation of not just the content but also the user interface and the online help section.

Technical Translations

We use technical translators and proofreaders with extensive industry experience and recognised qualifications in their respective area of specialisation. We have extensive experience in technical translations, from IT translations to technical user manuals or the translation of manufacturing or engineering documents.

Our blend of experienced and skilled; language professionals; industry experts; and project managers make TransLinguist the ideal partner for even the most complex of needs. With our specialist experience in the language industry, TransLinguist has provided quality technical translation for multinational Customers whilst ensuring fast turnaround time and high quality.

Website Translations

Your website is an integral part of your company strategy to attract attention in markets anywhere in the world. It is the first port of call for anyone trying to find information about your company. Only 18% of online consumers within Europe stated they would purchase goods and services in a foreign language. Simply translating your content into your customer’s native language is not enough to harness success in a global market, you need to ensure that your site is localised for your audience in your target market and optimised for the most used search engines in your target region.

We provide a bespoke professional website translation service for corporate websites, ecommerce retailers, technology and online gaming companies to ensure that they can maximise their global reach whilst delivering ROI from their website localisation projects.

Machine Translations

For companies that face extremely high volumes of text and extremely fast turnaround requirements, machine translation will serve as a viable option. On its own, current machine translation technology cannot produce the same level of quality as a human translator. However, depending on time constraints, cost requirements, and the end-use, the machine translation process can be customised with the ideal combination of terminology glossaries, translation memory technology and optical character recognition (OCR).

Our MT services guarantee you 100% confidentiality, using statistical and rule-based technology, so you can trust us with the most sensitive of information. In fact, you can almost choose the level of quality you want from our machine translations and leave it to our editors to make up the difference. We provide post-MT editing for the most important parts of your translated documents to achieve the highest possible quality for machine translation.

Machine Translations & Post Editing

Machine Translations + Post Editing (MTPE) combines the speed and ability of Machine Translation Engines to efficiently localize large volumes of text with the skill and expertise of professionally certified resources. On the contrary to raw Machine Translations, MTPE involves human intervention which boosts the accuracy and consistency of the final deliverables.

TransLinguist utilizes Machine Translation Quality Estimation (MTQE), an Artificial Intelligence powered tool which provides quality scores for all the MT, highlighting areas of improvement for the editors. This allows the editors to identify and prioritize core segments prior to the final round of proof-reading.

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