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Our Services

TransLinguist ensures a multitude of language service offerings.


One Stop Solution

While revolutionizing your virtual interpretation experience with our cultivated cloud-based remote interpreting tool, we have not forgotten about your requirements for language localisation services as a whole.

As one of the fasted emerging language service providers, TransLinguist ensures a multitude of language service offerings


Translation Services

We offer a simple and streamlined localization process with our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solution through our Computer Assisted Translations (CAT) tool.

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT)

A solution powered by Artificial Intelligence which increases human innovation capacity and ensures streamlined workflows. Our CAT tool offers a large variety of productivity tools to ensure accurate, consistent and efficient translations along with multiple integrations with a wide range of AI / ML tools and Tech Stacks, allowing you to enhance your translation experience and resolve complex localisation issues

Cloud Based, Lightning Fast

Our CAT tool automatically syncs the source content and translations to a global content repository that is accessible at any time.

Our certified linguists work directly on our Translation Management Solution (TMS) to streamline workflows and bring efficiency into the localisation process

Connected Translations

We integrate with broad-spectrum development processes, applications, and Customer Management System (CMS) seamlessly, providing an all – in – one solution for translation services that exceeds client expectations and generates high quality deliverables.


How does a CAT Tool Work?

Our cloud-based CAT tool is an automated hybrid model consisting of both

Machine and Human Intervention, with the implementation of an end-to-end

pipeline powered by AI/ML.

Tech Interface

Localise content from any interface seamlessly

Integrate (API)

Automate source files by directly integrating through APIs


Professional resources utilize AI /ML tools and Linguistic Assets


Localised content is delivered to a print- ready quality

Additional Services

TransLinguist offers smart solutions and customizes content services across the board.

Voice Over Services

TransLinguist’s professional voiceover services are frequently sought by companies in the media, energy and banking industries. Our full translation and voiceover services include translating the script into the target language, recording the voiceover actors reading from the script and placing the voiceover recording over the original footage, following the original dialogue by a few seconds delay.

We strongly recommend proofreading as part of your translation process to verify content, localised style and clarity. To ensure consistency and alignment with your in-house style and terminology, TransLinguist utilizes reference materials such as, previous translations, style guides and glossaries. The quality of every proofreading project we work on is benchmarked against ISO-approved quality control procedures. This means we run spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting and completeness checks as standard.

If you’re aiming for worldwide success, your transcripts need to be translated and localized for your target audiences in the form of subtitles. With our industry-leading subtitling services, we ensure that the target file resonates with local or international audience. Our highly experienced professional subtitle translators are on hand 24/7 to provide accurate closed captioning services and subtitle translation services, with a fast turnaround in any language.

How many times have you seen a company slogan that has been lost in translation? Or a marketing message that misses the mark? Or a product name that means something completely different in one territory to the next? If you have a product or service that is going global, you need to make sure your brand message is consistent across every country. What you need is Transcreation.

TransLinguist offers fast and professional audio and video transcription services; converting a spoken language source into the written form. Upon listening to your recording, we will appoint transcribers specialising in the required subject matter to type out word-for-word what is being spoken. We can also subsequently translate your transcript. We help qualitative researchers remove the language barrier in their research by converting audio recordings into written form to facilitate the insight process.

 We provide a desktop publishing service (Adobe suite, InDesign and QuarkXPress) to ensure your documents look and ‘feel’ right, in whatever target language and format. To ensure that you receive the best possible all-round translation service – typesetting included – we employ highly-qualified, professional typesetters to redesign your translated magazine, brochure or poster.

Copywriting is a key tool used as a marketing strategy to elevate a brand image and reflect upon their key principles, goals and future prospects through the written word. Copywriting can increase revenue exceptionally, if done well. With Copywriting, it is imperative for the content to go through a thorough four-eye-check to ensure accuracy and terminology alignment before it proceeds to publishing.

Why TransLinguist?

Highest Quality Translations

Combining AI with experienced and native linguists, TransLinguist ensures high quality deliverables. Our CAT tool runs an intelligence WA check with a scoring grid on each project, regardless of the service type and ensures alignment of terminologies, contexts and consistency.

Enterprise –Level Security

TransLinguist has a secure data storage which keeps all of the data encrypted, avoiding any intrusion and ensuring efficient data back- up that is replicated in real time to our secure data centers. We rely on industry leading servers and technologies like Amazon Web Services to keep all data secure.

Faster Turnaround Time

With the adaptation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our CAT tool is able to adapt to client specific terminologies and style guides with access to real time suggestions from pre-approved translations, allowing TransLinguist to translate more words per hour.

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