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Hybrid Solutions

What is Hybrid Interpretation?

Hybrid Interpretation is a composition of onsite hardware equipment and remote conferencing solution which provides the participants, interpreters and speakers to join the events from anywhere in the world.


In scenarios where some interpreters or participants are unable to travel to the physical event, TransLinguist Interactive becomes a medium for remote participants and interpreters to connect to the live event through our tool. This ensures that remote attendees are also able to participate in the live event while streaming the session in their preferred language.

How does Hybrid Interpretations Work?

TransLinguist Interactive’s hybrid solution enhances the robust cloud-based and artificially intelligent technology to the existing physical interpretation hardware set up via a conjoint Audio / Visual interoperability through one external cable. 

Onsite Set Up

AV Multi-Channel Support


Remote + Onsite

Benefits of Hybrid Events

TransLinguist Interactive is equipped with numerous benefits to provide an optimum in-person and
remote interpretations experience.

Increased Global Reach

Organizing physical events can be overwhelming especially if participants, interpreters or even speakers are following COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or simply may not be able to travel.


Hybrid solution provides the perfect opportunity for you to conduct your physical event for onsite participants and interpreters while increasing your reach immensely without being limited to a physical audience. You can now attract a larger audience globally from the comfort of their homes.

Attract Influential Speakers

Going to a physical event would require the speakers to take a considerable amount of time out of their busy schedule to travel and make necessary arrangements, only to speak for a few hours on the panel.


Such commitments might not be motivating enough for the high-profile speakers to dedicate their time to. However, if the session is hybrid, the speakers will be more attracted to join the event remotely, saving valuable time and still fulfilling their commitments.

Optimum User Experience

While an onsite event and remote session have their own set of benefits, hybrid events ensure the best of both worlds. TransLinguist Interactive’s remote interpretation interface is easy to navigate and aims to emulate the experience of a live event.


In addition, it brings an outstanding set of features ranging for automated closed captioning, automated subtitles, in-session chat, session and interpretation recordings along with the ability to interact with the speakers on the floor.

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