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Onsite Interpretation Services

Types of Interpretation Services

  • Onsite Simultaneous Interpretations
  • Onsite Consecutive Interpretations
  • Whisper Interpretations
  • Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

While TransLinguist Interactive has got your requirements for remote interpretations covered, we also offer onsite interpretation services for our clients to receive an overall localisation package.

Onsite Simultaneous Interpretations

Simultaneous interpreting (also known as concurrent interpreting) is a highly specialised practice that demands complete and accurate oral translation, at the same rate of speech to the speaker, with a very short lag time. It is a service popular amongst corporate customers and large organisations. We find that our services are frequently used for conferences, where the interpreter will most likely be sitting in a booth with a pair of headphones, speaking into microphone.

Simultaneous interpreting is one of the most demanding services we provide, which is why we only employ the most experienced interpreters for such tasks. The interpreter must be skilled at translating the sentence into the target language while listening to and comprehending the subsequent sentence at the same time.

Onsite Consecutive Interpretations

Ideal for one-on-one conversations and small group meetings, consecutive interpretation is generally bi-directional (i.e. the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish his or her statement before interpreting the language to the other party). No specialized equipment is necessary for this type of assignment.

By carefully taking in the information, our interpreters have the time to analyse the message as a whole, making it easier for them to deliver a more fluent and idiomatic output. In most cases, the consecutive interpreter will also be taking notes in the target language while the main speaker is talking, ensuring that no details are inadvertently left out. Our network of linguists spans the world, meaning that we can supply consecutive interpreters to any location at any time. If you require the consecutive interpreter at the venue a few hours beforehand, let us know and you can rely on them to be there. If you’d like speak to and get to know the interpreter, we’ll gladly set up a meeting, either in person or on the phone.

Whisper Interpretations

Whisper Interpretations, also known as Chuchotage is when the professionals provide interpretations by whispering parts of a speech or sentences to the participants. This form of interpretation is similar to consecutive interpretation but instead of speaking into a microphone, the interpretation is usually provided one-to-one or a small group of people through whispers so as to avoid disturbance for the active speaker. TransLinguist’s Interpretation Pool consists of certified resources with the right language and industry competencies to deliver accurate whisper interpretations. Our interpreters have extensive experience in providing whispered interpretation services and have vas knowledge and understanding of maintaining a balance of sensitive discussions and delicate situations.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

We stock state-of-the-art wireless interpretation equipment from Bosch which is professionally operated and carefully maintained by our qualified engineers, and the newest silent interpretation booths from Jpemball (France), as well as table-top and wireless conference microphones, tour guide/whispering systems, projection and videoconferencing equipment.

In addition to the interpreters, our team includes experienced sound engineers who ensure that the requirements of both the translator and the audience are met and the event is successfully completed. From setting up the equipment, testing, operating and dismantling, our back-end team will work hard to guarantee the success of your event. We regularly upgrade our inventory with the latest technology and offer the following equipment for rental.

Equipment Offerings

Bosch Integrus Digital Interpretation System

The system includes a sophisticated central control unit, a multi-channel transmitter and powerful infrared radiators that emit IR beams that carry the languages to the listeners.

IDesk – Digital Interpretation Console

Inside the silent booths, the interpreters listen to the proceedings and interpret them into a target language using a digital Bosch interpretation console.

Handheld Wireless Microphones

Our professional wireless mics by Shure provide you the freedom to move around while delivering your message. They are especially convenient for Q&A sessions with the audience.

Lapel Wireless Microphones

This is the most comfortable wireless solution for speakers that like to keep their hands free while interacting with the audience. It also comes in the head-worn form factor.

Bosch Infrared Interpretation Receivers

Our Pocket infra-red receivers ensure complete mobility and comfort for the participants and provide a crystal-clear sound on each of their 32 channels ensuring high quality feeds.

Jpemball Interpretation Booths

Our booths are compliant with ISO 4043:2016. These interpretation booths are light and easy to set-up, and ensure a high level of comfort and sound insulation.


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