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A Look Inside the Future of Interpretations

TransLinguist Interactive’s Marketplace Experience: A Look Inside the Future of Interpretations
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Table of Contents

Let’s imagine a world in, say 2015. Sourcing a single interpreter with the right qualifications, language proficiency, and subject-matter expertise was exhausting, let alone multiple for multilingual meetings.

Found the ideal match? Great! Now imagine the interpreter bailing at the last minute. You can forget finding another best match immediately. Or as an interpreter, a client canceling the meeting without prior notice means your time and money down the drain.
While clients now manage keeping backup options for important multilingual meetings and language service providers ensure there are cancellation charges for the interpreters, the traditional methods of scheduling meetings and booking interpreters still isn’t worth the hassle of time and resources utilized.

TransLinguist’s active marketplace revolutionizes the interpretation process with a remote solution that eliminates the previous struggles. Excited? So are we! Let’s dive in.

Introducing TransLinguist’s Marketplace

The world of interpreting has undergone a dramatic transformation with the launch of TransLinguist’s marketplace. This feature is a part of TransLinguist’s wider cloud-based platform that supports hybrid multilingual meetings for consecutive and simultaneous settings.
TransLinguist’s marketplace offers an online scheduling and interpreter hiring experience that is hassle-free, user-friendly, and time efficient.

This innovative solution stands out for its simple process that allows clients to connect with 8,000+ certified interpreters worldwide in various languages and industries with just a few clicks. For interpreters, it means receiving instant offers for projects aligned with their qualifications and expertise.

TransLinguist’s marketplace has made it easy for individuals, businesses, institutions, and linguists alike to connect with each other and navigate language barriers in real time, without time or location creating any hurdles.

Why Does TransLinguist’s Marketplace Stand Out?

With thousands of job boards out there where you can send or receive offers within minutes, anyone would question what makes TransLinguist’s marketplace stand out from thousands of alternative options for clients and interpreters alike.

Moving on, we’ll highlight a list of benefits because of which our marketplace is already a booming success in the industry.

  1. Extensive Linguists Network

    Imagine one platform where you can find more than 8,000 certified interpreters from 113 countries in more than 60+ language pairs. That reality is here and now! With TransLinguist’s marketplace, you can connect with interpreters worldwide within minutes.

    No matter the language pair, subject knowledge, or specific certifications required for your project, our marketplace can help you find the best-suited interpreters for the job. Ultimately, this eliminates the need for spending hours to post a project, shortlisting qualified interpreters, sending offers to the finalized interpreter/s, and then focusing on the actual meeting.

  2. Diverse Projects

    We’ve just discussed the massive advantage the marketplace brings for clients. With that said, the benefits are equally significant for interpreters looking to find projects without having to waste hours searching and applying for them.

    Interpreters can create accounts and customize profiles on TransLinguist’s marketplace, with details like education, previous experience, subject matter knowledge, certifications, etc. By completing this process, interpreters can get notified of and accept projects relevant to their qualifications immediately once a client publishes it.

  3. User-Friendly Interface

    Tired of platforms that are a maze to figure out? Keeping a user-friendly interface as one of the features on the platform, you won’t need days to navigate your way through the platform and get the gist of it.

    While the interface differs for clients and interpreters, once you’ve explored the features, it’ll be as easy as using your day-to-day apps.

    Alternatively, there are various guides for each user interface that will help you get the hang of the platform quicker, in case you need help finding a certain tool, creating a project, or anything else regarding the platform’s functionality.

  4. Accessibility & Flexibility

    Sourcing qualified interpreters for multilingual meetings or finding ideal projects as an interpreter is undoubtedly an incredibly time-consuming and draining process. Through conventional methods, it’s difficult to find a match, especially if you’re looking at tight deadlines.

    With the ease of hybrid and remote meetings, clients can find certified interpreters for urgent projects faster, saving time and resources. Moreover, TransLinguist’s marketplace allows clients to connect with qualified interpreters, no matter their physical location. Simultaneously, it enables interpreters to work from anywhere across the world.

  5. Competitive Pricing

    Looking for a platform that has it all for multilingual meetings, but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? TransLinguist maintains transparent and competitive pricing for all its users, clients or interpreters.

    The platform has clear pricing structures and two different models for clients based on their requirements and usage: pay-as-you-go or subscription packages. Both pricing models include the platform fee, meeting hours, number of participants, and language pairs. Interpreters’ costs are charged separately.

    TransLinguist doesn’t charge any additional fee or hidden charges any step of the way. Additionally, the client can see a proper breakdown and total before conducting the meeting. Overall, clients bear only 50% of the costs of on-site meetings.

Milestones in Action for TransLinguist’s Marketplace

TransLinguist has already begun transforming the narrative on how multilingual meetings are run. With its marketplace feature, the platform has established a new means of connecting clients and linguists in one place, anytime, anywhere.

Without the conventional hurdles of finding the right interpreters based on geographic location, qualifications, and expertise, multilingual meetings are more seamless and efficient. This approach has made it possible for clients to host remote or hybrid events with ease, regardless of time zones and language barriers.

In the past year alone, the platform has powered over 27,000 hours of multilingual meetings, delivering robust and hassle-free communication to clients across the world.

TransLinguist’s most recent successful collaboration was with the British Council for their global educational conference. TransLinguist’s production team helped connect the British Council with proficient interpreters from their active marketplace for three languages: English, Arabic, and French.

Final Verdict

The era of geographical constraints and hours spent connecting with the right clients or interpreters is long gone. Ready to explore how the language communication industry is revolutionizing everyday through a dynamic space that seamlessly connects clients and interpreters without the age-old hassles?

Whether you’re a client in need of interpretation services or an interpreter looking to build your client base, TransLinguist’s Marketplace empowers its users with a platform and tools that can take you above and beyond in the global market.

Get in touch with our sales team for a comprehensive product demo and experience its next-gen features that are reshaping the process of multilingual meetings yourself.

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