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E-Learning plays an important role in translation and interpretation services. The utilization of e-learning as a pedagogical instrument for digitized content seems to be of
Virtual Networking & Events, represent a new reality that unlocks exciting possibilities for many organizations more than ever before to successfully leverage the power of
The most prevalent type of captioning is closed captions. The CC sign is used to identify them. Closed captions allow the user to have more
One of the most frustrating things that can happen during an online meeting is the dreaded lag. Imagine you’re having an important meeting and suddenly

Press Release(s)

TransLinguist Enhances Product with Voice Speech AI amid $67B Language Market Surge

TransLinguist Interactive introduced their all-new remarkable in-built product features in response to innovation in multilingual communication and even higher industry expectations.

TransLinguist Enhances Product with Voice Speech AI Amid $67B Language Market Surge

Since the product’s launch back in 2022, TransLinguist Interactive has turned out to be a highly adaptive solution. The ability of this solution to provide a single platform for real time continuous and simultaneous Interpretation...

TransLinguist Interactive introduces cutting-edge Voice Speech AI feature

Dubai: TransLinguist, a deep tech firm, specialising in real-time multilingual communication solutions to businesses in the Gulf Region, has introduced groundbreaking features for their product TransLinguist Interactive, the company said in a press release.

TransLinguist wins NHS (NOE CPC) Language Services Tender

TransLinguist is honoured to announce its partnership and appointment as a preferred supplier on the National Framework for the Provision of Language Services by the NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC).

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