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TransLinguist wins NHS (NOE CPC) Language Services Tender

TransLinguist is honored to announce its partnership and appointment as a preferred supplier on the National Framework for the Provision of Language Services by the NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC). This framework is designated for use by the NHS and various public sector bodies across the UK. We are excited to contribute our expertise in language services to support the healthcare sector and public entities in fostering effective communication and accessibility.

TransLinguist Interactive is a ground-breaking multilingual communication platform that not only facilitates real-time interpretation for hybrid, onsite and remote meetings but also extends its innovative support to Sign Language Interpretation. This transformative platform acts as a hub for seamless language interpretation, addressing the diverse linguistic needs of the NHS. Our innovative technology, anchored by the Marketplace feature, streamlines scheduling with utmost efficiency, ensuring hassle-free coordination of interpreters. This not only expedites the process but also enhances accessibility for the NHS team and patients.

Who is NOE CPC?

NOE CPC, which stands for North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative, is under the ownership of the National Health Service (NHS) and operates as part of Leeds and York Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust (LYPFT). This collaborative entity specializes in offering tailored procurement solutions to the public sector. Leveraging their category expertise and the combined purchasing strength, NOE CPC delivers extensive, compliant, and inventive procurement solutions aimed at cost savings for the NHS.

Why choose TransLinguist?

TransLinguist emerges as a cornerstone in augmenting Sign Language interpretation services for the NHS. By combining hassle-free scheduling, cost-effective on-site meetings, and AI-driven transcription capabilities, our platform empowers the NHS team to focus on delivering exceptional healthcare services while ensuring inclusivity and accessibility in their communication strategies.

The low cost associated with conducting remote/hybrid meetings is a significant advantage brought about by TransLinguist Interactive. Eliminating the need for extensive equipment, travel, and technical support, our platform ensures cost-effectiveness without compromising on the quality of Sign Language interpretation services. This financial efficiency is particularly crucial for the NHS, allowing resources to be redirected towards essential healthcare services.

The incorporation of AI-generated captions is a standout feature that adds substantial value to the NHS team. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, our platform negates the necessity of hiring transcribers for Sign Language meetings. This not only reduces operational costs but also accelerates the accessibility of critical information for a wider audience, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency of communication within the NHS.


The provision of Non-Spoken Language Interpretation (Onsite and Video Technology) throughout the United Kingdom. 

This Lot will enable communication to take place between Deaf, Deafblind and others requiring support to access English specific to the non-spoken community, in personal attendance or via agreed video conferencing technology. Including but not limited to British Sign Language, In-vision BSL Foreign Sign Languages, Lip speaking, Sign Supported English, Deafblind Interpreters.

Service Scope:

The contract we hold is a PiP contract in collaboration with four regional procurement hubs, including NHS Commercial Solutions, EOE CPH, NHS LPP, and NOE CPC. This agreement is applicable to various entities such as NHS organizations, local councils, schools, police forces, fire and rescue services, and third-sector organizations.

The Framework will be available for use by the NHS and other public sector bodies across the United Kingdom and Service Providers will be required to meet a wide range of Contracting Authorities language services.

The services covered under this specification shall include, but not limited to:

  • Community, Hospital, and non-NHS settings.
  • Community delivered services such as interpreting in GP practices, home visits for vulnerable individuals and asylum seekers, Prison Service support, etc.
  • Mental Health and Learning Disabilities inpatient areas.
  • Planned individual appointments across various healthcare professionals.
  • Acute care appointments at outpatient or inpatient venues, including critical care areas.
  • Inpatient booked consultations with health professionals.
  • Face-to-face non-clinical meetings, Complaints meetings, Patient Advisory Liaison Services (PALS).
  • Group education sessions (e.g., weight management, smoking cessation).
  • Patient and service user engagement, including tracking care pathways through patient stories.
  • Situations requiring service users to attend accidents and emergencies.
  • Consultation events, public meetings, and Care Programme Approach meetings.
  • Out-of-hours services, including Home Visiting Service.
  • Mental Health Act formal meetings, review tribunals, hospital managers review meetings, review of restricted patients, and review of discharge.
  • Deprivation of Liberty and best interest assessor meetings.
  • Learning and development initiatives.
  • Any other requests deemed appropriate by the Contracting Authorities.

This appointment not only showcases our dedication to linguistic excellence but also positions TransLinguist as a key player in facilitating effective communication within the healthcare landscape. We are thrilled to embark on this journey, contributing to improved accessibility and understanding in healthcare services.

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