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Why Choose TransLinguist Interactive?


Cost Savings After Switching to TransLinguist


Increase in Audience Engagement


Increase in revenue for clients investing in language services


Reduction in carbon footprint after going remote


Higher attendance rate moving
to TransLinguist


ROI in the first 2 Years

How TransLinguist works for Media and Entertainment Events Webinars and Conferences Business Meetings Medical Appointments Online Training Events

Customize your experience for your audience with TransLinguist. Our platform effortlessly caters to a wide variety of events, ensuring a seamless fit.

Business Meetings

TransLinguist Interactive can help bridge the language gap during business meetings between different companies, countries, and cultures.

Conferences and Events

TransLinguist Interactive platform can be used to provide interpretation services during conferences, trade shows, and other events.

Medical Appointments

The platform can be used to provide video remote interpretation services during medical appointments. This can help healthcare providers to communicate effectively.

Legal Proceedings

TransLinguist Interactive can be used to provide remote simultaneous interpretation services during legal proceedings such as trials, hearings, and depositions.


The platform can be used to provide interpretation services during online classes, lectures, and seminars.

Customer Service

The platform can be used to provide video remote interpretation services during customer service calls.

Media and Entertainment

The platform can be used to provide interpretation services during media and entertainment events such as live concerts, movie screenings, and interviews.

Government Forums

The platform can be used to provide remote simultaneous interpretation services during Government Forums and Conferences

On-demand speech to speech bi-directional translation with TransLinguist Speech AI across 15 languages

Communicate globally without the need for hardware or human interpreters.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Run multilingual events on a global scale through our robust RSI call interface which streamlines the interpretation process in real time, anytime, anywhere – in any language!

Video Remote Interpretation

VRI uses distinctive video conferencing technology to provide consecutive interpretations remotely. Break language barriers through virtual assistance of our certified interpreters.

Live Captions & Subtitles

Subtitling adds multilingual text to videos, breaking language barriers and inviting diverse cultures in. Whether for the hearing-impaired or those new to the language, TransLinguist bridges gaps, fostering global connections enabling a wider audience to enjoy and comprehend the content

Sign Language

Our cloud-based technology offers a convenient interpretation platform for the hard of hearing participants, ensuring diversity and inclusion.

Hybrid Solutions

TransLinguist Interactive expands the way in which meetings can be held by introducing a hybrid method of onsite and remote interpretations. Businesses across the globe have realized the importance of investing in forward-thinking solutions that complement both the current and future workflow of running events.

Seamless Product Integrations with TransLinguist Interactive

We believe in the power of language inclusivity to connect the world, and we are dedicated to making content accessible to all, regardless of linguistic or cultural backgrounds

An Optimum Remote Interpretation Experience

Seamless Product Integrations
Low Latency Technology
Increased Cost Savings
ROI Enhancement
Marketplace Connectivity
Onsite Scheduling

Only TransLinguist can meet your needs

Tailored to your audience with TransLinguist. Our platform seamlessly accommodates a broad range of events





Looking for Language Localisation Services?

We Have Got You Covered!

While we boost your experience of virtual multilingual conferencing with TransLinguist Interactive, our vast portfolio covers all your language service needs.

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