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Diversify. Engage. Globalize

Introducing TransLinguist Interactive – the world’s first remote interpreting solution combining Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) and Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) with Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence with access to our exclusive Marketplace of 30,000 certified interpreters.

Why TransLinguist Interactive?

High Fidelity Sound

Hassle Free Technology

Zero Language Constraints

Cross Industry Platform

Disruptive Innovation for Multilingual Meetings Combining RSI and VRI

Redefine your networking experience by rising above the bounds of language. TransLinguist Interactive delivers a comprehensive set of productivity tools to enable a seamless process for all its stakeholders.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation
Video Remote Interpretation
AI Tools
Sign Language
Hybrid Solutions

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Run multilingual events on a global scale through our robust RSI call interface which streamlines the interpretation process in real time, anytime, anywhere – in any language!

Video Remote Interpretation

VRI uses distinctive video conferencing technology to provide consecutive interpretations remotely. Break language barriers through virtual assistance of our certified interpreters.

AI Powered Tools

Make your remote event instantly accessible to participants globally in real time and facilitate additional support to hearing-impaired participants.

Sign Language Interpretation

Our cloud-based technology offers a convenient interpretation platform for the hearing-impaired participants, ensuring diversity and inclusion.


Hybrid Solutions

TransLinguist Interactive expands the way in which meetings can be held by introducing a hybrid method of onsite and remote interpretations. Businesses across the globe have realized the importance of investing in forward-thinking solutions that complement both the current and future workflow of running events.

Onsite Interpreter Scheduling

TransLinguist Interactive offers an all-in-one interpreting platform that allows users to not only schedule their remote events, but also book interpreters for their onsite events seamlessly through our scheduling system. Our state-of-the-art technology uses advanced algorithms to connect our clients with interpreters within their time zone and proximity to cater to the onsite events more harmoniously. With this added feature, clients do not have to go through the hassle of finding, vetting and booking interpreters for their onsite event.


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Product Integrations

An Optimum Remote Interpretation Experience

Streamlined Workflow

Hassle free connectivity to interpreters worldwide through automatic broadcasting.

Cut Back On Expenses

Cut down cost by saving up on travel expenses, equipment rental, accommodation, technician and other miscellaneous costs.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Do your part in ensuring sustainability by adapting to an eco-friendly mode of conferencing!

Interpretation Simplified

Need to schedule a multilingual event and enjoy a wealth of robust interpretation tools? Start your journey with us today

  1. It’s Efficient!

    Our cloud-based technology makes it easy to host multilingual events across the globe conveniently at any time

  2. It’s Simple!

    Connect with our professional interpreters through our marketplace and enjoy AI driven tools under an
    encrypted setting.

  3. It’s Competitive!

    Use Meeting ID and links to dial in to the meeting remotely while eliminating travel costs and equipment expenses.

Looking for Language Localisation Services?

We Have Got You Covered!

While we boost your experience of virtual multilingual conferencing with TransLinguist Interactive, our vast portfolio covers all your language service needs.

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