Host your meetings, corporate training sessions, and international events effortlessly across various languages. Experience TransLinguist Speech AI on a demo.

Inclusive and Multicultural Learning

TransLinguist transforms education by promoting inclusivity and multicultural learning environments. With its hybrid and multilingual support, students and educators can overcome language barriers, facilitating effective communication and understanding. Whether it’s in classrooms or virtual settings, TransLinguist Sign Language interpretation support ensures that language diversity doesn’t limit educational opportunities. It enriches cross-cultural exchanges, fosters global perspectives, and opens doors to knowledge for students from all backgrounds.

Our Integrations

How TransLinguist works for Education


Can Work from anywhere in the world via the Translinguist platform.

Onsite Participants

Can simply select their preferred audio language from their mobile or an audio reciever.

Online Attendees

Join online and select their preferred language from dropdown list of language.

Why TransLinguist for your Education

Tailored to your audience with TransLinguist. Our platform seamlessly accommodates a broad range of events

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