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Is It Really That Difficult To Communicate With Foreigners?

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The world is becoming increasingly globalized. In today’s world, there is a lot of cross-cultural dialogue. One of the biggest changes that can occur in the course of doing business is when you move beyond your own culture. In many countries around the world, people communicate in a much different way than they do in the United States or Europe. The biggest barrier is communication; language barriers and cultural differences. The difference in culture, language and customs can not be overlooked. All these differences affect how we interact, think, act and how we communicate.

This informative blog post will discuss, what is Remote Simultaneous Interpretation? and how can it help improve your relationship with foreign counterparts and overcome communication challenges that exist in educational institutions, corporates, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and global conglomerates.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting, or commonly called RSI, is the process of remotely interpreting speech from one language to another in real time. RSI has been available for a long time as an alternative to traditional onsite setup, but with many events adopting virtual setups, it is now more than just an alternative, and in many cases, the only means to continue delivering multilingual support. RSI has increasingly become popular and large-scale events have quickly adapted this way of interpretation.

Remote simultaneous interpreting can help businesses break into new markets, build their network with the top qualified simultaneous interpreters in the globe, and broaden their audience despite geographical restrictions. Whether it’s a multi-site meeting, webinar, governmental session, seminar, panel discussion, or a global conference. It is possible to engage with a multilingual audience through Remote Simultaneous Interpretation.

Business meetings, webinars, hybrid events, press conferences, multilingual conferences of any magnitude, governmental sessions-the possibilities are infinite for multilingual meetings. RSI has been helpful in overcoming critical language barrier challenges as well as assisting in the reduction of conference interpreting costs, such as renting booths, travel, and lodging. Making interpreting available to everyone and everywhere!

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