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Cookies Policy

What are cookies and what are they used for?

“Cookies” refer to small text files that contain data from your browser which is saved in your computer or device. Through cookies, it is easier to navigate the website and enhances the user experience and satisfaction.

What “cookies” are used by TransLinguist?

The type of “cookies” used by TransLinguist are dependent on their lifespan. In general, session and persistent “cookies” are used. Session “cookies” refer to any temporary data which only lasts while visiting our website and are deleted as soon as the browser window is closed. Persistent “cookies” will remain stored in your computer or device until and unless they are erased or their lifespan has expired.

What “cookies” are used by TransLinguist?

  • Basic “cookies”This is a mandatory requirement without which, the basic functionalities of the browser will not be able to operate. Deactivating such “cookies” will act as an obstacle in navigating the website and will not allow the use of services provided by them. These “cookies: do not store any information on your computer or device and are deleted as soon as the browser is closed.
  • Performance “cookies” These enable a record of anonymous information on the way visitors navigate our website. This allows TransLinguist to understand how our website is being utilized. The “cookies” save information about the pages a user has navigated, the time spent navigating each page and/or any error messages that might have popped up. Such information allows TransLinguist to improve the efficacy of our website.
  • Personal “cookies” These “cookies” ensures the content on our website is relevant to the user’s needs.
  • Advertising “cookies” These “cookies” allows TransLinguist to personalize the advertisement messages on our website and judge the effectiveness of advertisement and promotional campaigns running on the website. “Cookies” are generally placed by advertising networks under pre-agreed conditions for the purpose of ensuring the visitors preferences are taken into consideration when launching any advertising campaigns

TransLinguist uses “cookies” to:

– Understand and save the visitor’s preferences for the next time they navigate our website.

– Compile aggregate data regarding site traffic and interactions to ensure a better user experience and improved tools moving forth. Third-party assistance might also be rendered by TransLinguist in order to track such information.

Managing and deleting “cookies”

“Cookies” settings can be managed through the browser itself by setting up your preferences in the “options” menu.

Blocking “cookies”

In case “cookies” are not accepted, some parts of TransLinguist’s website might not be able to function partially or completely.

Do “cookies” contain personal data?

No, the “cookies” used in our website are anonymous and do not contain any personal data of the visitor.

Are “cookies” able to collect information from the visitor’s computer or device?

No, “cookies” do not have the ability to collect any information that is stored in your computer or device.

Additional Information

If you require a further understanding of “cookies” and how they work, please refer to the link below:

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