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Industry Leading Features

Experienced Translators, Over 150 Languages, Round the Clock Coverage, Competitive Costs, 100% Accuracy


In our industry, quality means accuracy of meaning, and this begins by having the correct cohort of native speaking linguists, equipped with the latest technology combined with a certified quality assurance process, ensuring TransLinguist provides outstanding language services.

For any translation project of any size, one-time or ongoing, we assign a dedicated Project Manager to oversee all the details, including:
• Working closely with you to understand your project and needs
• Providing you with detailed quotes for cost and timelines
• Managing terminology and translation memories with all language experts involved in the project
• Maintaining your files in our archives for future revisions

We rely on a series of quality control reviews for both content and layout to ensure the best quality in final translated projects. This attention to quality provides an accurate translation and a professional look designed to perfectly match your original material or enhanced to increase cultural relevance.

At TransLinguist, we value quality and consistency throughout all of your projects. In addition to our translation memory tools, which allow for greater accuracy of repetitive terms across similar projects, we use style guides to make your project as flawless as possible. Customers can supply their existing styles guides, or we can use our own, to ensure that the final product is consistent across projects.

We strictly enforce confidentiality of customer materials through non-disclosure agreements with employees and contractors.


Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools are types of software that assist human translators in the translation process, increasing both efficiency and accuracy, and usually lowering project cost, as well. 

We have a great team that develops, adapts and automates systems to make us totally vendor-independent, flexible and innovative in our technical abilities. CAT tools are very specialized to the language industry and are integral to the services we provide at TransLinguist.

• Translation memory is a database of previously translated content that allows linguists to access and apply (leverage) existing translation segments.
• Translation management tools including controlled authoring, content management, and multiple file type management
• Productivity tools such as ‘translation memory’ that use automation to accelerate the translation process
• Glossaries to manage the terminologies and specialised content across all languages
• Machine translation that we tailor, adapt and evaluate in specialist domains
• Spelling and grammar checkers catch linguistic errors related to spelling, grammar and syntax.
• Interpreter management, including real-time booking and bespoke online live interpreting platforms
• Search and concordance tools identify instances of words or phrases and the context in which they are used in a multilingual corpus.

We continually upgrade our systems and software to ensure safe and secure transfer and storage of all your electronic files.


Specialist & Experienced Linguists

At the core of quality is accuracy. We start by hiring the best.We follow a rigorous recruitment process which includes the below requirements:
• Native speaker of the target language with near-native knowledge of the source language
• Minimum of one college degree
• At least 5 years’ experience as a full-time dedicated linguist or editor
• High proficiency and proven expertise and experience in specialized fields of translation
• Success at our proprietary industry-specific translation-skills, technology and customer service tests

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

We not only offer the best services, we offer the most affordable pricing around. TransLinguist believes in simple pricing. There are no service fees or minimum fees and we cater to all projects big or small. Our clients in more than 30 countries have chosen our pricing and services for excellent value translations.

We are always looking for ways to ensure we price our translations in ways that benefit our clients, therefore our pricing calculation methods can ensure client satisfaction in addition to quality. Speak to our Account Managers for further information on hello@translinguist.com who can discuss both short-term & long-term costing models for our corporate clients.

Our Localisation Process

All clients have the satisfaction in being provided the full range of features as per our process