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Creativity and Translation: Do they mix together?

With transcending boundaries and growing multinational businesses, the world is getting smaller. At this point, it is no surprise that creativity is an essential element of business in order to avoid monotony and attract the attention of people. The translation industry is also booming with the growth in international business. Translations are not limited to any one sector rather it encompasses multiple sectors at once such as medical, legal, literature and many more.

However, in all translation of documents, at some point, it is important to incorporate some creativity into the document to set it apart from the competition.

Is Creativity a Necessity of Today?

Each translator is unique and has a different type of characteristics and past experiences that makes them different from the rest of the translators. There is no way that two different translators may create the same new document. Rather, the two translators are expected to produce two different types of documents. For decades, we are living in an age of spreading information and translation is becoming more and more embedded in the dissemination of information hence, it is significant that translators bring some sort of creativity into their work. Creative translators have a unique and natural way of writing which is easy and interesting to read.

Problems with Being Creative

Creative translations are what expected from the translators these days but creativity becomes a problem for translators when it comes to working on specialized documents. For instance, when translating professional medical documents, the translators cannot be creative with it as it may include complex medical terms and definitions that cannot be translated. It becomes a problem as you cannot decide whether to take up a beginner marketing specialist for the translation or a professional translator who is not familiar with creative translation. Hence, it is a tough call in cases like these.

Types of Translations

There are multiple sectors that require the services of translation companies that provide creative translations and are able to find solutions to the problems. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • In producing Subtitles, the translators are required to convey the original meaning as it is along with a lot of The services of a translation company help in keeping the meaning of idiomatic expressions, phrases, metaphors, and songs. Other than that, they are able to find specific solutions for specific audiences.
  • Translations or Dubbings are done by keeping in mind the original meaning otherwise, it might not be able to create the same For instance, “Let It Go” was translated into “Livre Estou” in Brazilian Portuguese which means I am free. Hence, such translators are required to take into consideration the melodies of songs and the lip movement of characters.
  • In Advertising Translations, the translators are expected to translate while keeping the essence of original work For instance, if they are translating a slogan, they do not have to provide an exact translation of the slogan, rather they are expected to keep the essence from the original slogan and transfer it into the target language.
  • Cinematographic Translations are still controversial and sometimes do not require experts or professionals. Mostly such moovie titles are chosen which are expected to attract a large For example, the movie Vertigo was adapted to Mulher’s Que Viveu Duas Vezes.

Given above are just some examples of how translation services from a company can help you in bringing creativity into your work and make it interesting and memorable.

Final Word

Bringing creativity in your work does not happen overnight or in two weeks rather it is a long process and you can write creatively only if you practice writing repeatedly. Though it is a time taking process and requires a lot of effort, however, in the long run, it helps you produce content that is more in demand and attracts a lot of attention.