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Telecommunication Industry


Our client in the telecommunications industry is based internationally and are world leaders in their industry. They develop, design and manufacture wireless technologies. Additionally, they market their products and services of digital communications.


Our client’s main aim was to update their website as their presence is international, they wanted to ensure their website is translated in multiple languages to link their target audiences to their information and marketing efforts. Their website was built using very unique and complex pod architecture. It is a powerful system that provides flexibility and increases efficiency. The challenge was that pods could not be translated using Drupal’s core multilingual functionality. Therefore, to manually manage the localization of the client’s website using Drupal was time consuming and costly. Consequently, the issue with the extensive use of pods needed to be resolved before the corporate website could be localized and translated.


To create support for pod translations, TransLinguist worked with this global digital marketing agency. Our client benefited from the TransLinguist – Inside Drupal 7 Module that integrates Drupal with TransLinguist’s automated, cloud-based translation management system (TMS) to offer users professional-grade translation tools. This module integrated a translation management system directly into Drupal to provide excellent translation technologies within the Drupal environment. Translinguist enhanced its Translinguist – Inside Drupal 7 Module to solve the client’s translation issues, and allow custom entities to be made via code-level hooks.