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Retail & E-Commerce


Our client in the retail industry is a world’s largest online educational resource for hairdressers with international licenses across 44 different countries. They wanted to launch training videos for their products in the Middle East. The scope of the project included website and product translation as well as the transcription, translation and localization of over 200 videos ahead of the high-profile launch event happening in the Middle East.


Amongst other challenges, the biggest was localizing western content towards the target audience in the Middle East, to make the liberal content more culturally appropriate for the conservative target. The client choose Translinguist as we can provide not just Arabic translations but we also consider the various dialects that are used in the region and work accordingly. The client had full faith that our capabilities would ensure successful for their project.


To ensure the sensitivity of the matter was addressed, TransLinguist used their Arabic localization experts who were specialist with expertise in the beauty industry. In addition, the team carried out culture research to ensure the western content was localized appropriately following all relevant latest trends in the industry. Consequently, key terminology glossaries were created and integrated into Translation Memory (TM) systems ensuring consistency across all the content. The video contents were first transcribed and then translated to create a proper script. Which was approved by the client for a native Arabic voiceover artist to record over the video ensuring it sounds professional and culturally appropriate. The client’s new website was launched alongside as well as marketing materials including marketing campaigns, catalogs and packaging, product specifications, and legal documents and policies. The content was well received by the audience and the client became the first company in the world to provide hairdressing training online in Arabic.