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Our client in the legal industry is a commercial law firm based in UK. They provide a wide range of legal services to businesses as well as individuals who are based in the UK and across the globe. Their services include corporate, levitation, property and dispute resolution.


The client required translation of legal materials including policies and contractual agreements, patents and trademark filings, litigation documents, immigration documents, legal disclaimers, articles of incorporation, confidentiality agreements, civil lawsuits, letters of credit translation, license translations and court interpretation services. The client required the legal materials and presentations to be localized and translated from English to Arabic and English to Mandarin (Chinese).


TransLinguist assembled a qualified team of native speakers of Arabic and Mandarin translators who are subject matter experts with in-depth industry knowledge as strict legal terminology needed to be used in all the document localisation. To ensure cost-effectiveness to the client, consistent terminology, and efficient handling of different file formats, TransLinguist created a Translation Memory (TM) for the client. During the various translating processes, proofreading was incorporated to ensure high quality work was delivered guaranteeing the end product was grammatically accurate and technically perfect following the terminologies of the legal industry. The client benefited from high professionalism, cost-effectiveness, and complete accuracy.