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Our client in the railway sector develops and markets the most complete range of systems, equipment and services. The complete transport system is managed by them including signaling and infrastructure, taking in rolling stock, and offering turnkey solutions. The client operates in over 60 countries in the high speed train sector, and is rated amongst the top few best ones.


Their complex and terminologically demanding documentations had to be translated into the language pair of French into Italian, for which they used TransLinguist as their primary language service provider. The documents include a wide variety of technical documentation, user and maintenance manuals, training manuals, equipment and tool catalogs, online booking platforms, visitor guides, general documentation and
marketing materials. The translation work was complex as the terminology had to be kept consistent for the current documentations as well as future workload. All the technical documentation is updated once a year and TransLinguist must manage the localisation of these updates taking into account any modifications to terminology.


To ensure their strict rules of terminology were adhered to, TransLinguist set up a glossary of words prior to the translation phase. More specifically, TransLinguist translated the main catalog detailing every component of a train, from doors to screws and from seats to washers. The translation was then converted into a glossary and integrated into the Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tool. TransLinguist set up a translation memory in which all NTV-related translations are saved. This memory is shared between all members of the linguistic team. It is updated on an ongoing basis and any new translations are available in
real-time to all linguists. This process improves terminology consistency significantly and the translation memory allows for high leverage when updating the documentation.

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