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An individual client in the gaming sector developed a new game. They planned on making it local to a few of their target countries therefore the new game needed to be translated into five languages.


The client approached TransLinguist as they knew we are exceptionally placed to deal with such requests. Our network of professional translators extends around the world and we have experience of translating video games which made the client even more confident in selecting us. The language requirement required translators in Spanish, Italian, Russian, German and French all working simultaneously on the project. The project required translation services for graphics localization, user interface material, website translations
and localization packaging, user manuals and in-game advertising.


To ensure the project requirements were met, TransLinguist team worked with top members to get the experts in the five required languages required. The linguists selected were based in five different countries and time zones, therefore we managed the team closely to ensure that all queries and stylistic points were shared across all the translators. The team were professional and attentive from start to end which resulted in accurate translations throughout the project requirements. The client was happy to receive a competitive
rate and high quality of work in line with her schedule.

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