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Banking & Finance


The client is a renowned Big 4 Auditing & Consulting Firm that branches out to about 75 countries across the globe. It classifies as one of the largest corporates in the world, and is ranked in the top 4 internationally. TransLinguist and the client collaborated on a major project in 2019; one with an end to end delivery timeline of circa 4 weeks despite large volumes of 150,000+ words.


TransLinguist was required to translate 549 Pages of Financial Statements, each containing technical complexities and required substantial industry know-how to complete such translations. This was a time-sensitive project and had to be delivered to the client within a 1-month timeframe. Delivering translated content via our experience production teams was not considered as a challenge, however ensuring formatting of the end product in line to the financial services industry proved testing. Other services also included translation of market analysis reports, disclaimers and fund regulations, equity and bond research, loan application documents, financial articles and cash flow statement documentation.


The first project demanded different factions to work together in harmony in order to ensure the project was delivered in a timely manner. The dedicated Production team included 10 linguists who were working in close proximity with 5 desktop publishers. The tasks were divided amongst the resources and each pair (Linguist-Desktop Publisher) was provided an extract of documents to localise and a team of editors / proof-readers ensured the consistency of delivery was managed properly.